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From walking to fitness bike into a new fashion

In the past two years, a high-grade bicycle craze is quietly on the rise in each bigcity, this is economic and can exercise the body of the vehicle is more and more popular. Some journalists in the bicycle business place to know, bicycle sales are very unpopular, a running average every day to sell four or five high-grade bicycle.

Bicycle sales increasingly unpopular

The bike boom gradually rise, will undoubtedly make bicycle vendors to obtaingreater profits. Recently, a reporter in a bicycle sales stores to understand, now the bike is sport high-end bicycles, consumer buying enthusiasm is very high.

A staff member told reporters: "the shop most bicycle have raised a notch, the basic price is in 1500 yuan -2500 yuan between, depending on the material andperformance bicycle different between different price. Although the bike than the previous old bicycles are much more expensive, but there are still many people every day to consult and buy."

Bike fancier Lee told reporters, his unit in a body of work, every day is very busy all the year round, very few can take the time to exercise. "When I drink with friends,playing cards, a long time is also very boring, do have a check-up when suddenly found themselves' high'. Later, a friend said he played with bikes, free ride to goaround, the feeling is very good. I'll hold the play's mentality is to buy a car, really do not feel the same." Mr. Li said, after a few friends have bought a bicycle, you have time to meet ride into the mountains, find a farmhouse, eat farmhouse dish,and then slowly back. "Can breathe the fresh air, the down to earth, but also can exercise the body, than sitting room to play one day card is much better." Mr. Leetold reporters with a smile, "more ride more interesting, then my wife, son alsopulled in." Today, a family of three always looking forward to the weekend riding,an endless enjoyment.

It is understood, play age bike is very wide, from ten to fifty or sixty years old are,most buy high-end bicycles are some merchants and bike fancier, white collar andblue collar to buy more than 1000 yuan bike up, in recent years the student user is gradually increasing.

"Dead fly" most students welcome

"Dead fly", a bicycle no brake device, streamline design simple, color and bodycool, symbol of culture has become more and more fashionable young people a trend. It is understood, a "dead fly" body only 19 parts, no brake and transmission,general weight of 10 kg, the main consumer groups on the basis of students andyoung white-collar class.

What is the "dead fly"? Is mainly directed against the flywheel of the. Bicycle flywheel flywheel general is one-way, die flying bicycle just the opposite. The gearis fixed, and without installing any brake device. Gear and the rear wheel is directly fixed with bolts. So, forward to pedal, so the rear wheel to move forward; if the reverse pedal backwards, so the rear wheel. The rider is relying on reverse pedaluntil the parking. As the light body and cool appearance, fashion design elementsthat originated in New York, since 2009 to enter the Chinese were young peoplerepeng.

Reporter visited several Cyclery, found that almost all sales of such models, andare sold. A bike shop owner told reporters, in recent months, fixed gear bike salesalmost doubled one or two times, in fifteen at the age of six young people's eyes is almost the most popular types of bicycles. Different manufacturers, different qualityfixed gear bike in prices also tend to have very big difference. Hundreds of blocksfrom low-end to high-end, million yuan of above, quality is also different. More is to rely on the game player assembled parts, the price is not fixed. Compared with theordinary bicycle, consumers have the choice space is relatively more. However, therisk in the aspect of the safety performance, the boss has repeatedly motioning with his hand, think this kind of bicycle is not safe. Due to the fact no brakes, in case of emergency can only rely on the feet or reverse pedal, braking effect is not ideal, technical requirements are more stringent, there is a big security riskobjectively. Most people would agree that, this kind of "cool" is very dangerous.

Professional personage suggests, should be "dead fly" as a training tool, not the blind pursuit of speed and stimulation. At the same time, taking into account the "dead fly" game player needs to master certain skills, in the power of cooperation,to complete random braking vehicle, therefore, is not recommended for students under the age of 16 to buy "dead fly" bicycle. For the sake of safety, beginnersand women should be installed in the vehicle brake device.

By walking to the fitness function

The bicycle being paid close attention to in recent years, along with the people the concept of a healthy life is improving, the bicycle also gradually by the means of transport development become a kind of fashion fitness means. These large and small bike enthusiasts groups also have different forms of organization, some loveto ride a road bike, some love mountain biking; go to Tibet, across Shennongjia by bicycle, and some only on weekends to surrounding breathe; some can go to ride ten miles, or drive a car from downtown after that, a short distance from the trunkout bike riding; some from head to foot in a professional "armed", also some incommon sportswear will be on the road.

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