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The global LED market in 2013 five highlights

In 2012 the world economy remains in the doldrums, affected by this sluggish growth in the global LED lighting market, while domestic demand will take time, the entire industry experienced the "winter". Use of commonly used words "If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" CPbay China Harbour monitoring data show: 2013 LED global market warmer signs are emerging. Many domestic and foreign research institutions and industry also generally gives the optimistic forecast. CPbay China Harbour (hereinafter referred to as CPbay) is a high-tech products exclusive trade platform, brings together many LED professional overseas buyers and suppliers. Comprehensive monitoring data, the customer interview and inquiry, trading activity, CPbay analysts believe that in 2013 the global LED market will be the overall warming, and presents highlights of the five. In 2013 the global LED production or increased 12% year The global LED market demand by the relevant handheld device and LED lighting products drive, estimated that in 2013 the global LED production value will reach $12400000000, compared with 2012 growth of 12%. In the industry, because the whole LED industry status of pile up in excess of requirement is short-term inside still can not be resolved, so LED vendors will have to seek alliance application and new strategy to ensure order and increase the profit space. In 2013 the LED package costs continue to decline CPbay monitoring data shows, 2012 LED package used in the lighting market value of about $26.6 million, compared to 2011, grew 23.5%. The LED package is applied to the construction of landscape lighting or projection lamp, lighting and other indoor lighting the highest proportion. However, in the LED package prices continued to decline, the lighting market demand also slowly by the early introduction and price incentives and gradually open. In the global LED lighting market, because the equivalent to 40W incandescent lamp bulb minimum retail price of LED in South Korea, America and Britain have all reached the sweet spot in 2012 10 dollars, allowing consumers to purchase will gradually improve LED lamp. In 2013 the cost of declining trend will be more obvious. In 2013 the global LED lighting output value of permeability of 2 into Rise of the global environmental protection consciousness, LED lighting has become one of the main development policies in many countries, under the promotion of the national policy, contribute to the LED lighting production significantly improve. LED lighting program promoted in countries, LED lighting will be one of the preferred product, if does not consider the technical differences, the global lighting market capacity is about 20000000000. It is interesting to note, CFL lighting is still has many advantages, although 2011 LED lighting permeability is only about 3%, but the absolute number, will reach 600000000; 40W and 60W 2013 with the traditional light bulb into the elimination process, estimate the LED lighting market size of up to 2500000000. After 2012, LED companies such as Philips (Philips), OSRAM (Osram), Cree in general lighting market, and many countries begin to budget placement for LED street lamps, LED lighting plus annual price decline will reach more than 30%, estimated that in 2013 the global LED lighting product penetration rate further increased to nearly two into. Large size, high resolution LED backlight demand driven CPbay monitoring data shows, large size, high resolution panel demand will drive demand in 2013 LED backlight. Japan and South Korea intelligent mobile phone brand started by 4.7 and 5 inch panel, the panel size increase of the LED backlight star number by the former 6~8 star is increased to 10, in 2013, the intelligent mobile phone market size of about 870000000 computing, intelligent mobile phone backlight output will reach $710000000. At the same time TV size enlarged, 50 inch, 55 inch and 60 Inch proportion will gradually increase, launched a high-definition television product plus, will drive the LED backlight average a number increase, the current large-size TV to side entering type models as the main design methods, 50~60 inch side feeding type liquid crystal TV LED backlight use the number has reached 130~150. Future above 70 inches TV size will use more number. In addition, 4K2K high resolution (3840*2160) TV panel launched, the need to improve the LED backlight module brightness requirement, the same size LED backlight TV, a number of 3~5 use will increase range. The LED emerging market demand for heating In 2013, CPbay analysts believe that, due to vigorously promote the awareness of environmental protection and the government, the rapid penetration of LED lighting in emerging markets in Russia, India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and so on, these countries or regions of high heat for infrastructure investment, and economic performance in more mature markets have more room for growth, significant warming indications for LED lighting products, or will become in 2013 the global LED market is another bright spot.
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